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Bali, a fascinating island is on the bucket list of most travel aspirants and it attracts people due to its beauty in abundance. There is much for travellers to roam about in Bali and engage in. You can unwind at yoga and surf retreats and the overall experiences may be overwhelming for you.

However, if you are travelling to Bali for the first time, then you need to be cautious about different things to make the most out of this much-awaited trip. Read ahead to know more.

Rent a Scooter 

Renting a motorbike is the way of Bali and is a very cheap and convenient way to travel around. It saves your time in traffic. In case you do not feel comfortable driving yourself then opt for an app such as the GO-JEK for an Uber-like service but on the back of a motorbike. However, taxis are more pricey so we recommend using motorbikes. Exploration becomes more fun on bikes.

Have Some Cash With You! 

Cash rules in Bali. You should always carry some amount of cash for your daily expenses and haggling. Only the western upmarket restaurants and stores let you use credit cards for payments. Moreover, for shopping at the markets or eating at the local warungs, you need to pay in cash.

While you may find an abundance of ATMs around Bali, so always keep a check if the bank you are withdrawing money from accepts your foreign bank card.

Go Beyond Ubud to Explore 

Bali has much more to offer than only Seminyak and Ubud. Go off the fixed route and explore the northern regions.  There you can experience much fewer crowds, far-off temples and beautiful waterfalls to explore. There are some less explored but enchanting places such as Jatiluwih rice terraces, Aling Aling waterfall, and the Suluban Beach Cave.

Stick to Your Budget

Though Bali is an easy and affordable destination to explore on a shoestring, still you should keep an eye on your budget. Due to its affordability, people can spend more than they intend. So it’s imperative to have an eye on your budget and expenses.

Monkey Forest in Ubud 

Ubud is well-known for its forests and is home to thousands of monkeys but you have to be careful. Some of the monkeys are very aggressive toward tourists especially when you make eye contact and do not have any food. 

For the best photos, get into the deeper forest to find magical spots. 

Plenty of Accommodations in Bali

If you are travelling to Bali you can have a myriad of accommodation options. There are hotels, resorts, hostels, and villas where you can stay. If you have a good budget then you must consider renting a private luxury villa in Bali. Villas make the best accommodation in Bali.

Make Trip Memorable With Day Trips

Day trips are the heart and soul of Bali. You can visit Nusa Penida, an underdeveloped island situated southeast of Bali. While it does not have any posh restaurants and beach clubs, still there is an incredible beauty to spot there. You can have such trips under your budget. Other than that, Gill Islands is another beautiful option to spend your day away.

Relish the Food of Local Restaurants

What’s better than relishing the food of local restaurants? It will surely make your visit to Bali worth the visit. Wondering what to eat? Well, there are some palatable traditional dishes like martabak pancakes, satays, and noodle soups for foodies.

The most amazing place to have this authentic food is the local restaurant which is called warungs. Even a little amount of money is enough to get you a plate of chicken, veggies and rice. But you should also make some space for western establishments. You can find cozy little cafes that serve scrumptious food.

What About a Spa Day?

Spa sessions are specialities of Bali. Plus point is affordability and convenience. The relaxing sessions can cost you as little as  80,000 IDR ($6)! A low price massage can make it possible to have a massage every day. You can have spa sessions at small spa centres and even at luxury hotels. This is an option that cannot be missed.

Wrapping Up

These tips make sure you have a smooth trip to Bali and you have minimum to no problems in making the best of memories with your loved ones. You can also find many more activities to do in Bali as per your stay duration and interests.