Planning for a Bali trip and not able to withhold your excitement? Yes, you have every reason to be on top of the world as Bali is one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world. But the overwhelming emotions should not forgo the need to be fully prepared for the trip. 

One of the prerequisites to get your Bali trip smooth and hassle-free is to ensure that you are well-prepared. If you get organised before your trip, that ensures that you have a fantastic trip and there is no hindrance in creating the best memories for you in the exquisite locations. 

In this blog, we have narrowed down a list of checklists that will make you all set for the Bali trip and ensure that you make the most of your trip. 

Check Travel Requirement

The foremost primary thing is to ensure that you keep a check on the current updates for travel requirements. Post pandemic travel means things are changing rapidly. You may not be aware of sudden rule changes. 

Therefore, before you travel or begin your planning, you should be aware of the entry and visa requirements. 

Check Your Passport

Check your passport’s expiry date, before you opt for the travel dates and start to book things. You should check the validity of the passport, the passport must be left with a minimum of 6 months of validity from your date of departure. This requirement is very stringent and you do not enjoy any flexibility in this matter. In case your passport is not left with any validity then you must get a new passport for you. 

Find Flight Deals

Try to find flight deals. Bali only has one airport and the code of the airport is DPS. As soon as you decide on which airlines you want to fly from, then you should sign up for their newsletter to get alerts of any potential sales they have.

TOP TIP:  Try using a VPN when you search for flights. Alter the location of the VPN to the destination where you want to travel. Many times, flights have different fares depending on where you are searching. 

Go for Travel Insurance

You must consider travel insurance for your holiday. If you opt for travel insurance ahead of time then in case of any mishap or any occurrences, you can get covered. In some unexpected scenarios, travel insurance is vital, especially when you travel to Bali. 

TOP TIP: Do you have plans to ride a motorbike in Bali? If yes, then you first need to have a motorcycle licence from your home country and you will also require an International Driver’s licence. In case you do not have a driver licence of any type and you strive to claim because of a motorcycle accident then your travel insurance may get void. 

Choose the Area in Bali 

Choose an area in Bali for your visit. Bali is quite big geographically contrary to the expectations of the people. Having an idea where you want to head on to can make things easier for you. This way you can make the most of your trip, and you may not waste any time, effort, or money. 

TOP TIP: You can get the expert advice of your travel agent. They can let you know about the places that are major locations to stay, have fun, and do adventurous activities. 

Find the Best Bali Hotel/Villa Deals

Look for accommodation. A good starting point is to see whether you want to stay in a villa or a hotel. You can have both hotels and luxury villas in Seminyak Bali. You can visit and search your area and dates of travel and then opt for the filters to seek your preferred type of accommodation.  

If you already have a villa or hotel in your mind then you can check their respective websites and get to know the offers that they make available. 

Check If You Have Access to Money

You must know how you would be able to access money during your stay in Bali. you can go with your cash and exchange it as you go there. If you want to do it before your trip then it is better. Another option is to use either your home bank card, a travel card, or a WISE card to withdraw money from ATMs and pay for goods by card. Still, you should try to keep some cash too because in many places ATMs may not work. 

Getting Around in Bali

Next thing, decide on how you are going to get around in Bali. Your choices matter in making your trip easy and hassle-free. You have to decide whether you are going to hire a driver or ride by yourself, or you want to use online transport such as Grab. You may also opt for a mixture of both things. However, if you want to ride or drive yourself, you may need an international licence. 

Be Familiar with Common Frauds in Bali

Be aware of the common frauds that you may become a victim of when travelling to Bali. The scams can cost you unnecessary money. Tourist scams are not only uncommon in Bali but in most tourist locations. If you make yourself aware of these scams then you may save yourself from any mishaps. 

Wrapping Up

If you are well-equipped with the different facts before commencing or planning your journey then surely you can have a good time on your Bali trip. Make sure you take care of the suggestion given above and create once-in-a-lifetime memories there.