How to Find Long-Term Accommodation in Bali?

If you are thinking to choose a villa over a hotel or hostel then it is advised not to book a villa without seeing it in person. You may feel tempted to book a villa online for the long term but avoid this practice.

Check out the facilities like internet speed, space, and facilities, then only make a decision. If you have enough time then do it by yourself or you can take the help of agents who can find out the perfect place for you but would charge a fee from you. However, this is going to save you enough time and effort.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Villa in Bali – Per Month?

Usually, the prices start at around $250-$300 per month and they can even go up to $1000. Though all facilities are included in the monthly rent but ensure to confirm first to avoid any hassles afterwards.

If you are having a budget then you can easily find a long-term room to rent for about $300. But you cannot expect the facilities like the pool here. At this much price, the accommodations are quite basic.

Under the price of $400 – $500, you can have a decent, spacious room in a shared villa in a good locality. You can share pools there, that is the benefit. For a more luxurious space, you can expect to pay over $600.

For a long-term villa in Bali, you may need to pay around $800. The entire place is at your disposal and there are no worries about those nosy neighbours. This is a general estimation, the rent may vary depending on the type of villa you choose.

To Sum Up

Going for a long-term vacation in Bali is indeed a good option as you can have great facilities for a comfortable stay. However, make sure you do research on your part to get the best experience.  Seeking the best villa experience in Bali for a long-term stay? Choose to go with Villa Green Mango Bali and experience the surreal vibes.