It’s not a common sight that many trips turn out to be chaotic and full of hassle when not planned properly. A dissatisfactory experience not only leaves you with bad memories that haunt you forever but also leads to the waste of money and time. However, such bad experiences can be kept at bay if you involve in comprehensive planning and make effort to know more about a place.

Bali trip is sure to offer you much if you are aware of some important things that make your trip effortless and memorable. We have narrowed down the top 10 tips for your next visit to the Island of Gods. Read ahead.

  1. Ready to Face Crowd 

In non-pandemic times, as one of the most touristed islands on earth. It is hard to escape the crowd in Southern Bali and Ubud, however, solitude seekers are content to find many secluded corners beyond these mainstream tourist centres. You can head to the central mountains or Bali’s more chilled-out north and west coasts.

  1. Choose Your Base Carefully

Put your Bali base carefully. Chaotic traffic and hot weather advise you to stay closer to hotels or guesthouses. Research about the area that has all that you wish to do in Bali. Proximity to the facilities in Bali would make it easier for you to have a desirable trip and you get rid of all the chaos and traffic.

For absolute rest and recreation, Kuta is not the best option. If you want to get into a shopping spree and want to eat to your heart’s content then a week on Nusa Lembongan will not cater to your needs fully.

  1. Bali Belly – Stop Fretting Over It 

Stop fretting over Bali’s belly. Hygiene standards have upgraded remarkably in Bali across hygiene and many kitchens also offer good quality organic produce. If you stay hydrated, avoid notorious local liquor arak, and consume street food to a limit then you can keep the dreaded belly at an arm’s length.

  1. Dress As Per the Occasion

Beachware doesn’t always go well in Bali. You can find many higher-end bars, clubs and restaurants imposing dress codes on the guests. If you feel uncertain about a place then make sure you call them ahead of time to save yourself from the embarrassment of turning away.

  1. Respect Religious Customs

Religion is the king of Bali. And in Bali, you are expected to show respect and modesty to their culture and religion by dressing sensibly. When you visit the temples and holy sites, you must dress decently.

  1. Be Prepared for a Mixed Bag of Price Tags

Living on a shoestring in Bali is possible by staying at guesthouses, dining at warungs and shopping from native markets. However, the high-end establishments have similar prices for rooms, spas, drinks, and meals as that of the US, Australia and the UK. You can check out online discounts and happy hour deals to spend wisely.

  1. Be Aware of Wild And Stray Animals

Wild and stray animals may look adorable but rabies and other diseases are quite critical in Bali and monkeys are known for their thieving ways. Moreover, the stray dogs in Bali are huge in number and they are in bad shape.

  1. Learn Bali’s Local Lingo

Learning a few words about Bahasa Indonesia would prove very useful to you in Bali. As a beginner, you can learn words such as Selamat Pagi (good morning), tolong (please) and Terima Kasih (thank you).

  1. Low Season May be Equivalent to Rainy Season 

Be careful of Bali’s rainy season when planning your trip. Though the discounts may be drool-worthy, what if you end up spending your holiday indoors due to incessant rains? Will that discount still be worth it?

But here is more to know rains are often limited to brief afternoon downpours mostly so your holiday is not most likely to write off.

  1. Book a Villa

Go different this time and book a private luxury villa in Bali. Villas are specialities of Bali. Contrary to common beliefs, staying at a villa is reasonable in cost and the experience you get is beyond beautiful. So consider renting a villa this time and get the most out of it.

The Bottom Line

The aforementioned tips would help you have an amazing trip and these would also save you from any discomforts, embarrassments and difficulties. If you are looking for an exceptional stay in Bali then make Villa Green Mango Bali your top choice. You can experience a mesmerising stay experience in Bali at our place.